Track Filler

The Problem

Wheel ruts are a problem as old as center pivots themselves. Very often, the most productive, richer soils are more prone to rutting.

Add higher irrigation rates that cause water accumulation in ruts, and the problem becomes compounded. Center pivots in fields that rut easily also require more energy to travel, increasing stress and wear on drive components.


The Solution

Filling ruts is only part of the solution. They need to be filled properly and with the correct material. The Oteco Wheel Track Filler accomplishes both in a single pass. One man operation makes it easy to fill ruts of virtually any depth.

This is the same pivot track viewed on the problem page. Filled with the proper material, there is no need for packing, turn on your pivot, and you can see the results.


The Specs

With a total load rating of 14 tons, the Oteco Wheel Track Filler must be stout. The mainframe is constructed of heavy 3 X 5 box beam and set on an undercarriage consisting of 2 extra heavy rocker arms with 4 spindles rated at 8000# each.

Assembly operations incorporate the latest fixturing techniques to assure accuracy and uniformity and a dual shield MIG welding process for extra strength.